TINY TUMBLING: G-force Tumbling & Cheer offers progressive classes for your children ages 3 to 5 years of age. We promote safe classes with progression levels to optomize your child's progress with each class. They will learn about safety, body positions, and beginner skills such as front rolls, back rolls, cartwheels and so much more! Classes consist of no more than 8:1 student teacher ratio with constant movement and stations to keep your child busy the whole class time.
TINY CHEER & DANCE: Our Tiny Classes will learn and perfect motions, jumps and Pom Dance movement to develop rythm and memorization of movement.  They will also develop Flexibility to improve both jumps and flyer flexibility.  All Cheer Prep Classes are $55.00 Month. 

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Our Location

522 S. Gaston, Crane, TX 79731

Hours Of Operation

Tues - Wed - Thu: 4p - 7:30p